Manage Unhealthy Food Cravings Package 

Is it snacking in front of the tv? Or, perhaps it's a sweet treat at the end of every meal? What food choices can you just not cut out? 
Unhealthy food cravings are extremely hard to conquer, which is why we've worked with clients for over 20 years to help them banish bad eating habits and make positive changes within their diets. 
Now, we want to help you to do the same, which is why we've put together our 'Manage Unhealthy Food Cravings' digital package to give you all the tools you need to say goodbye to those pesky cravings. 
Within your pack, you'll receive the following: 
An introduction to hypnotherapy, it's benefits and how to use your pack effectively 
An easy-to-follow journaling process so that you can record your progress 
Our No. 1 rated 'Managing Unhealthy Cravings' recorded hypnotherapy session, a x minute audio video with our lead hypnotherapist Silvia 
BONUS CONTENT - a 'Managing Unhealthy Cravings' EFT tapping video, teaching you small but powerful tapping techniques to help you make healthy choices 
£24.99 £13.99
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In this simple in effective package, you will have everything you need to tackle those unhealhty food cravings.  
Here is a review from one of our members: 
"In recent months my control over bad eating habits and decline in gym activity has seen my emotional well-being suffer and over a stone in weight gain since March 2022. I have already began to gain control of my cravings and resuming my previous healthy exercise regime. I feel more in control and positive to be out of that perpetuating cycle. Thank you!" 
Sarah Hutchinson 
"I cannot thank Silvia enough, I really wanted to lose weight before my wedding so that I felt good in my dress. Unfortunately, I had a massive addiction to all things unhealthy, particularly eating chocolate every night in front of the TV! All of the techniques and hypnotherapy I learnt from Silvia were simply incomparable. I lost two stone before the big day and more importantly just felt happy and confident. Thanks again!" 
Katy Moody 
"I had gradually put on weight over the years and was looking for something to put me back on track. I was really sceptical of hypnotherapy at first, in my head all I could think about were stage hypnotists and me being hypnotised to act like a chicken! Gladly that didn't happen at all and from the first session I really noticed the difference in my mindset and even choosing healthy choices in favour of my usual unhealthy options! I couldn't recommend more!" 
Matt Bailey  
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