The Number One choice for Hypnotherapy In the North East and beyond!

At Hummingbird Hypnotherapy I use the very latest techniques  to offer you a truly bespoke service targeted to you and your needs. My base is in the North East of England but with the use of ZOOM, I am able to deliver sessions all over the world. Contact me today to find out more !

Targeted Hypnotherapy Session

Eradicate stress, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, and any of the mental and physical symptoms associated with these conditions using powerful and targeted hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift techniques.

£100 for Your Initial Appointment (1 Hour) | £70 for Subsequent One-Hour Sessions

Fears and Phobias

No matter your phobia, from flying to spiders, I can help you get rid of these feelings in as little as one session!

£55 for One Hour

Bespoke Wellbeing Package

Here I look at all aspects of your life and wellbeing that you would like to improve. Whether you want to eat a healthier diet, exercise more, find your confidence, or anything that improves your overall wellbeing, this package is for you.

Four One-Hour Sessions for £280

Self-Care Pamper Party

Get your favourite people round to your house for an evening of self reflection, health teas, hypnotherapy relaxation, and take-home gifts. The perfect night-in alternative!

£25 per Person | Available for 4 – 10 People

Relaxation Session

Lie back, relax, and be guided into natural hypnosis. This is extremely beneficial for your whole mental and physical wellbeing.

£30 per Person for 50 Minutes

Stop Smoking

Become a non-smoker in this innovative session using the latest Kinetic Shift Techniques and leave us feeling fresh, smoke-free, and full of confidence in your ability to kick this habit for life.

£170 per Person for 90 Minutes

Individual Day Retreat

My day session runs from 10am to 2.30pm. In this time I can really focus on making some significant changes to the way you feel and the way you live your life. Throughout the day you will receive two and a half hours of targeted hypnotherapy, a healthy lunch, and a relaxation session. We’ll also take a mindful walk in the surrounding area.

£280 per Person


Wedding Packages

A truly unique service for you from Hummingbird Hypnotherapy has arrived. I know that getting married is the most exciting and lovely time of your life but it can also be scary and stressful. With these packages, I aim to take that element away so that each and every moment can be enjoyed.


The Perfectly Prepared Package

Change eating habits, motivate yourself to exercise, boost confidence, and do so much more with my bespoke lifestyle package. I use the latest and most effective hypnotherapy techniques to leave you perfectly prepared and feeling amazing on your wedding day.

Please contact us today to discuss your personal preparation schedule. As a guide I recommend booking three months prior to your wedding date.

Four One-Hour Sessions | One Person £280 | Two People £500


The Sublime Calm Package

Making a speech or being the centre of attention for the day can be a daunting thought! Don’t let nerves or worry at any stage of your wedding planning stop you enjoying each moment. This package includes one bespoke session for you where I use latest hypnotherapy techniques to eradicate any fears and boost your confidence to the max along with a blissful relaxation session.

Please contact us in advance of your wedding date to book in your personal stress defence plan today.

1 Person £80 | 2 People £150 | 3 People £220

Want to make significant lifestyle changes with ease?

Maximise motivation and boost confidence with my well-being Package.