Manage Stress and Reduce Anxiety Package  
Do you struggle with stress and anxiety? Is it getting in the way of your life?  
The feeling of overwhelming stress and anxiety can dramatically affect our day to day lives.  
High levels of stress have been linked to other health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and insomnia. 
Suffering from stress and anxiety is a very common problem with a recent study finding that over 8 million people suffer in the UK. 
When feeling the effects of stress and anxiety, know that you are never alone and there are ways to manage it. 
That’s why we have created this package which focuses on productive ways you can actively manage your stress and reduce anxiety.  
The package has a series of downloadbale exercises deisgned to help you combat these issues.  
For only £14.99 this package includes: 
Downloadable Journal exercise and information sheet. 
Calming affirmations audio 
Manage stress and anxiety Hypnotherapy video 
Deep relaxation Hypnotherapy video 
Buy now and invest in yourself!  
£29.99 £14.99
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