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Can you believe its 2022 ? How fast did that year go ? Where does time go ? Christmas feels like months ago now. Christmas, its here and then its gone in a blink of an eye. 
Any of these sound familiar ? I bet you or someone you know has said at least one of these in the past few days. 
We then move on to trying to even remember what we even did in the past year ! Where did that time really go ? What did we actually do with the last 12 months ? 
365 days have passed. Each day we most likely ate some food, slept, walked somewhere, drove somewhere, watched some TV, Listened to some music, sent someone a text message, looked out of a window, brushed our teeth, and all of the other things that we do every single day. 
To sit and remember each time we brushed our teeth, well why would we want to and why would that be of any significance to us ? And the answer is that it isn’t really and that’s why our minds don’t give these every day familiar activities much attention and focus. It is a myth that the mind can recall every single event in a persons life if it wanted to, even in hypnosis. Yes its all in there but what the mind is more likely to remember is the significant things or the events attached to other significant things. 
Ill share with you an example to illustrate. Lets stick with brushing our teeth. 
Stephen wakes up on January 1st . The date already makes this a significant event as it’s the first day of a new year and the night before he was at his sister’s wedding where he danced the night away. Another significant and memorable event locking it in his memory. As he stands at the sink brushing his teeth wishing he hadn’t had that last glass of prosecco, he thinks of his wife who is always more sensible than he is with regard to alcohol, in fact, he cant now recall her even having a glass all evening! His wife walks into the bathroom, his mouth still full of toothpaste and she looks in the mirror with him. I think I might be pregnant she says to him. Stephen spits out the toothpaste all over the sink in surprise and a wealth of emotions fill his mind and body. They both hug and she laughs as she wipes the toothpaste from his mouth with a towel. 
Here in this example the brushing of the teeth may indeed be recalled because of its involvement in the significant memory but even still it may not. It is more likely that when recalling this memory,it will be the emotion that Stephen felt on this day, that his mind will remember the most. 
When we look back upon a year gone past it may be that we start to remember the things that we did. We may have gone on holiday, started a new job, found out we were having a baby, I mean the possibilities are endless ! Notice as you recall events that have happened this year whether you recall the event or the emotion attached to them and whether some of them have no real emotion attached to them at all now . Isnt that strange ? you might even find that the emotion you feel about the event now is different to the one you felt at the time, now that’s really interesting ! 
I am doing this exercise myself right now and I am remembering a holiday I went on with my daughters. I had been looking forward to this for months as it was planned in lockdown and it was our first break away from the house. My sister and her husband were also due to come along so again I was really looking forward to seeing them, but two days before we left we got news that his mother was unwell so they could no longer come. At the time I can remember feeling so deeply sad and disappointed about this and almost wondering whether to cancel the whole thing. I was really distraught, probably because I had built it up so much in my mind to be something so wonderful. I simply can not muster up that emotion now in my mind. I remember it but its no longer present. My mind can recall that we did go on the holiday and we still had a really nice time. I can recall the feeling I felt when we pulled up to our little beach hut on the sand which was so beautiful. I can recall the emotion I felt when we went for a swim in the sea and when my sister and her husband were able to come for the last day and we all had a great time chatting and laughing. Funnily enough, I have little recollection of the times I brushed my teeth each day but I do remember the freezing shower ! 
Emotions are essentially what trigger our memories and cause memories to stick in the mind. There is a saying, “ time spend with friends is time well spent.” I wonder what you take from that ? Time with friends suggests that the occasion will be an enjoyable experience, seeing as they are your friends and not people you don’t like. Time, in this energy space is going to anchor positive emotions and memories in your mind. This is always going to be of benefit to your mind, so there you have it, its time well spent. 
Of course there are events that are out of our control. We also have no control over the actions of others. It is highly possible that in the past year someone has said something unpleasant to you and this too has anchored itself in your mind as a memory full of negative emotions. You may have lost a loved one or been unwell. There are enough negative things happening in the world for you to understand what I mean without us dwelling in this space for too long although working through difficult times is just as significant and just as important to do. 
The things that are in our control however, what are they and how can you ensure that they are the ones that your time is filled with ? The ones where your time is well spent ? Can we aim to fill 2022 with times well spent ? Our mind would most definitely enjoy this. Lets catch up this time next year and see how we got on...... 
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