This month lets embrace the power of Spring and the positive impact it can have on our mood. 
I really wanted to be writing an article this month that didn’t mention the dreaded “C “ word and I promise this article will not dwell but as it is a year this month since we in Britain went into lockdown is seems we should give this a nod. 
A year ! Can this be possible ? My aim both personally and professionally has been to focus on the positives, focus our attention on the present moment, focuses on what we can control not what we cant but hey, I am aware of what a challenge this has been for us all. Saying this, I’m not going to stop, and recent Government announcements do appear to suggest there is change in the air. 
In our lives we have and we will face adversity. The waves of life are in constant movement, they go up and down and we ride them. Sometimes the waves are huge and the adversity is great. So huge that we get covered in the water and we sometimes fall in and feel overwhelmed and helpless. The weight of the water can make us feel like we will never have the strength to get back out. Perhaps in the past year this is how you have felt. The waves have been high and they have soaked us through on many occasions Sometimes we have been able to dry ourselves off again and sometimes we have stayed in the damp clothing for a few days, or even weeks before we have felt warm and dry again. But there are Lifeboats ! They are out there once we start noticing and looking. They come in many forms. People, services, changes even, but this most recent lifeboat I have climbed upon is Spring. 
I do feel like the endless uncertainty has played a major role in our mental wellbeing over the past year. From clients and friends I sense that this last dose of restrictions has just felt like a heavy cloud and as we talked about last month, our motivation to do anything has dwindled but I bring you back to that old act of reflection once again. Looking back, even on this morning, you have still survived and yes maybe you do feel like the waters of life are high still and you are struggling to find a break in the waves but hold onto the fact that you are still there and this will pass. Bad times have been before and they have also passed but remember that time when you thought they never would ? They did didn’t they ? 
You know that I love to take guidance and inspiration from nature so as we start to move out of the cold of winter allow the promise of spring to open your mind to the possibilities that new things are coming. Winter is the season to rest and recuperate but spring is the season of all that is new. 
New hope for a lift in covid restrictions, new hope for a physical reconnection with friends and family, new hope for your working life perhaps and those sprigs of green that we are starting to see in the mud can surely be a physical representation of this. Those daffodil bulbs did not die, they were just sitting in wait of the warmer weather and now that they feel it they are rested and ready to bloom. 
We have enjoyed some warmer walks outside, we have seen the sun streaming through our windows and even had to close our blinds to see our computer screen, although this one I have stopped doing. It may make me look like a sickly Victorian servant but I’m not shutting out that glorious sunshine and missing out on the warmth it brings both my body and my soul. 
I think for me it’s the feeling of regained freedom I’m experiencing that is truly lifting my spirits . I don’t like to feel trapped and this is what I was beginning to feel. Trapped in my home by both the restrictions and the weather and this small step towards spring and freedom has brought a feeling of freedom that I probably never appreciated I could feel before this past year. 
Spring has sprung and we can hang those damp clothes out on the line to dry ! 
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