Language is such a powerful thing, so underestimated often and used carelessly, but with the extra power of social media in today’s society , wow can it be excelled in its power ! 
Think about any of the recent worldwide movements…events…or trends even. TikTok. The word is everywhere and you have heard the word, or seen the word I am sure. Even when I didn’t know what TikTok actually was, I knew it existed. Covid….Coronavirus…lockdown… these words we all know right? It is hard to watch the news without a mention of these words and they have saturated the social media platforms for years now. How we FEEL about these words is a whole other blog post. How my 9 year old feels about TikTok is a cause for concern ! 
“BlackLivesMatter”. “Me-too”. Important movements with a real message behind them. Riots, angry social media posts, court cases and TV debates tell us however that these messages have not been understood or accepted by everyone. 
Why does this happen ? A person or a group of people set out with a message that they believe to be a good message that will effect positive change. This word BELIEVE is the critical factor here. Our belief’s form an integral part of who we are and how we live our lives. As the amazing individuals that we are, these are likely to differ from person to person in this world. 
Personally I believe with all my core, that women should not be subjected to sexual assault of any kind. I believe that women should be supported to speak out about their trauma and experiences and that perpetrators of sexual assault should be made accountable for their actions. I was in support of the “me too” movement because of my belief. I fully accept however that the person sitting next to me on the bus or the man grabbing my bum in the nightclub may not share this, and they. Like myself, will live their own life according to their own beliefs. It is rarely a case of I am right and you are wrong however that is when things such as, “The Law”, come into play. Movements, as I mentioned and many more through history, have been so powerful that they have affected real change to laws, that come into play no matter who believes them to be right. 
In the past few years I have observed a number of hashtags and movements in relation to self care and mental health in general. My own business of course , well that’s what I do ! I attempt in my work to share the message that looking after ourselves is a really beneficial thing to do and I share all of this information about the benefits in order to support my message. I would like to think that I am a small part of this movement towards better mental health and the necessity of selfcare. 
I do unfortunately feel that this message seems very crowded at the moment. Do you know what I mean ? I understand it, but the delivery perhaps is where the overcrowding is present. I have said for many years now that how we care for ourselves is a very individual thing and should never be something else that we need to worry about doing in our busy lives. The messages about HOW we should be looking after ourselves is actually relentless though and heaven forbid you show a slight interest in anything wellbeing related on the internet because before you know it your news feed and your inbox is being flooded with super helpful hints and tips/webinars/retreats/courses for leading a whole and spiritual, and healthy, and divine and grounded and minimalist and confident and superfood induced life. You know what happened that one time you looked up if there was a yoga class near you on a Tuesday ! Yep, you know it. 
The more I right here the more I want to throw my phone in the bin and destroy my social media accounts. I am sorry, I am most likely one of those annoying practitioners myself overloading your brains with hints and tips and webinars and retreats !!! Oh no !!!!! My defence is that I honestly and truly BELIVE that my message is there to effect positive change. I accept that not everyone who sees my writing and social media posts will believe that self care …or as I like to put it, “doing what works for you in order to support your health and wellbeing physically and mentally”. 
is something that they want to invest their time in doing, but I hope that it is because I also believe that we as individuals are the ones that can make the big difference to our lives and how we feel ! How cool is that ? All that power inside of you right now. Amazing ! 
Have a wonderful month everyone and as always you know where I am if you want to ask me anything about this or any of the other content. 
Questions, or comments? I'm here to help. You can leave a comment or query below, or contact us if you want a confidential conversation. 
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