Self care this and self care that, its everywhere and yes I’m always banging on about it too ! I use it in a hashtag about a million times a week and looking after yourself is one of the most important things you have to do each and every day so that’s why, but it really has become one of those things where the message is getting lost. 
Its like many messages that I guess mental wellbeing advocates like myself are aiming to share that become so heavily used that the message becomes diluted and quieter. 
A bit like a parent who always shouts but that’s all they do. The words they are shouting are meaningless to the child after a while because they never do actually mean anything. Ill ground you for a week if you don’t stop that. The child continues, the parent continues to shout but no grounding takes place. The child fails to hear the message from its parent and the parent ceases to be heard. 
What is the message? In the case of the parent the message is that they want the child to stop whatever it is that they are doing because it is either dangerous or hurtful or damaging in some way to themselves or others. The child wants to carry on their destructive behaviour because they are getting something from it perhaps. They like throwing toys down the stairs or swinging on their chair. They have no concern for the possible outcome…broken toys…broken bones. 
The parent wants to protect the child, they want the child to listen and frustration leads them to shout even more. 
Already writing this I’m wondering. Have I been shouting too much? Hash tagging all over the place in a bid to share the message that you are important, but maybe you like swinging on your chair…or eating foods that harm your body, or working long hours, or drinking lots of alcohol, smoking, neglecting your own needs and wants and you have no concern for the possible outcome? Poor mental and physical health. 
I suspect that you do very much have concern for these things, but it is true, as humans we often neglect to pay as much attention to this concern as we could. I don’t want to shout at you, shout out the message of selfcare, and I am not frustrated if people don’t listen to mine and the many other messages in the world telling you to remember how important you are. 
Self care is a personal thing. This I have learned. I like to share what I have learned but I have no doubt that you have learned too. Learned what makes you relax, learned what makes you smile, learned what you enjoy. I forget though sometimes, do you ? 
Those things are to be entwined in your life as much as you can. Between the stress, the Friday night takeaway and the party where you drank too much wine. 
Bath bombs, a superfruit smoothie and a trip to the spa are some forms of self care and these are very often found advertised on your social media channels as such. It is always down to your own perspective though. 
I love a bath bomb and at a fiver in that well known bath bomb shop…some even more…I’m expecting some serious recharging selfcare experience. I’m expecting universal awakening taking place in my bathtub for that baby, but in truth , the part where I sink into the water of my warm bath, take a break from my phone, rest my body and let my mind wander, is the part my mind and body appreciates. 
I love a Friday night takeaway but in truth I like the fact that this usually happens when I have friends and family in my home and Im taking a rest from cooking for the night and enjoying their company. This is the part my mind really appreciates…my body not so much. 
I have on many occasions in my life drank too much wine at a party. I bet I will do that again but in truth the best times were when I was in an environment that I enjoyed and with people I liked. The rubbish parties at the crap pubs with people I didn’t really like were never going to improve no matter how much wine I drank. So I have learned that my environment and the company I keep is important and when positive, this is what my mind and my body appreciate. 
Take time to reflect this month on what your mind and body appreciates. 
Take care all x 
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