This is a question I am asked all of the time and the most definite answer is yes, but it is actually so much more. 
“ I know what I should be eating, I have every diet cook book you can imagine, yet all I want to eat is a greasy pizza and a big slice of cake “ 
“ I have a lot of knowledge about the benefits of exercise and I have joined so many exercise classes and gyms throughout my life but I just cant find the motivation to get out and off the sofa” 
“ I am concerned about my weight and my health but this makes no difference to the actions I take” 
“ I feel bad about myself, I used to have confidence but its all gone. I keep telling myself I will be better tomorrow but it never happens” 
These are just some of the things my clients say to me. Any of this resonate with you ? 
This is where Hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind. This is what you might call the engine or the hard drive of your mind. It’s the part with all the emotions and the memories and the behaviours in it. 
The conscious mind is the part that lives right here in this moment. The logical part of the mind you might say. That’s the part that says I want to eat healthy food because its good for my body. 
If only the pesky subconscious mind would keep out of my way Id be fine ! So what is it that the subconscious mind is doing here when it comes to eating well or exercising ? 
First of all the subconscious mind wants to do anything that avoids any discomfort. Its how we have been wired since our evolution to keep us safe. 
To get off the sofa and go out in the cold to the gym is likely to cause us a tad of discomfort so the subconscious mind says No !! Stay here on the sofa in the warm. 
To eat the food that isn’t full of salt and sugar which our brains really like as these give us lots of happy hormones in our bodies, will cause us a smidge of discomfort so the subconscious mind says no ! Eat the pizza that will be better ! 
The subconscious mind also attaches emotions to food. 
Cake- parties, childhood memories, birthdays, all happy and contented memories on the whole. 
Take away food- Time with friends and family which is positive, A rest from the cooker which allows you feel relief. 
Chocolate and sweets- We are told from an early age that these are treats and rewards so we learn that if we need a pick me up these foods will give us that positive emotion. 
Reading this now, can you think of any emotions that you attach to foods you eat ? 
If you have ever felt bad about eating these foods or not going to the gym then I hope by reading this you are beginning to see why this happens and stop being so harsh on yourself. Think back though to when you last started a “diet” . First day you feel quite motivated but as time passes you feel the task is harder and harder. And you feel terrible for this because after all you are doing this so you feel better about yourself, not so that you feel like this !! Why is this so hard?? It gets too much and the next thing you know the entire confectionary isle is in your trolly…and your belly. 
Ok lets get back to Hypnotherapy and why this is such a successful way of allowing you to make these changes without the heartache. 
Everyone at this stage will be different. The emotions I feel about food will be different to the ones you feel about food but that’s no problem. In my sessions we explore this first. What’s happening around the times when you are making the choices about the food that you eat, but we also look at the way you will feel when you have made these changes. This is the key. 
Whether you want to lose weight, feel healthier or just get back into a pair of jeans you love we need to focus upon how this will feel. Remember the subconscious mind wants you to feel good and avoid discomfort so what if we could tell the subconscious mind exactly how great it is going to feel if these positive changes are made? 
HOW ? 
We use hypnosis of course ! In hypnosis we can speak directly with your subconscious mind and tell it that eating the unhealthy foods is no longer what floats your boat, and when you make the amazing changes and eat the foods you know are good for you, the feelings you will experience will be much better that the quick fix you get with a kit kat or a bag of crisps. 
Now this may sounds too good to be true. Really, can it be that easy? I don’t want to make any false promises and when we work together we will do this work over four sessions which last around an hour each. The changes will happen at your own pace and we may need to change our focus along the way but after these 4 sessions changes will be happening if this is what you want. Unfortunately I am not a magician and I am not the one who makes them happen but what I am good at is helping you make these discoveries for yourself. Old fashioned Hypnotherapy where I would simply repeat messages to you such as….cake is bad…broccoli is good….do work to a certain degree but the changes don’t last because they don’t come from you. 
If you want to make changes to the way you eat and the way you exercise I need you to think about this before you come to see me. 
What is it that making these changes will bring to you and your life? Not my life..not anyone else’s life, yours. 
Once you know that we can start the work.  
The Welbeing package which consists of the 4 hypnotherapy sessions costs just £280 and you can book in for you first session at a time that suts you today. Need more info ? Contact me below.  
Questions, or comments? I'm here to help. You can leave a comment or query below, or contact us if you want a confidential conversation. 
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