Yes, it most definitely can! 
Anxiety is a condition caused by our minds when we are under a great deal of stress. This can be from built up stress or a significantly stressful situation that causes us to feel scared, worried or out of control.  
Believe it or not when we are experiencing anxiety our brains are actually trying to work in our best interests. They are on high alert because they feel overwhelmed and under pressure and they are unsure when the next bit of stress or danger may be coming around the corner. The brain is trying to prepare us for every scary eventuality but as you know if you do suffer from anxiety, that situation that we are worrying about may not happen at all, it may have happened in the past and in fact when you look at the reality of the situation everything might be actually fine.  
So why are we still feeling this anxiety? 
The thing about anxiety or worry is that it has no power over any outcome. It may be, that what you are anxious about, does actually happen, it may be, that what you are anxious about does not happen. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, not anyone, so whether we feel anxious about it or not it wont impact what is to come.  
This is where Hypnotherapy really does its magic with anxiety. 
In hypnosis we are able to access the subconscious mind, the part where all the anxiety is stored. Each individual is different of course but in really simple terms, while in hypnosis we together can chat with the subconscious mind and say “Hey, we don’t need this anxiety anymore, it isn’t helping, we know why it was there in the first place but that situation is in the past now, we want you to enjoy today and this anxiety is getting in the way, shall we let that go now?". (Or something along those lines.) 
Now remember that your subconscious mind always wants the best for you? Of course you are going to take that on board, especially when you remember that without the anxiety life is going to be so much easier to manage!  
Just think of all the calm and relaxation you can enjoy and all the clear thinking! That’s a brilliant space to be in so be assured, your subconscious mind will recognise that this is so much better for you. 
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