Blissful Sleep Package 
Are you a restless sleeper and feel like you are not getting a good night’s sleep? 
Losing sleep and feeling unable to fully rest can contribute to many other health issues. Missing out on that recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep has been linked to weakened immune systems and can even have negative impact on your digestive and cardiovascular systems. 
A lack of sleep not only harms your body but also your mind. It can leave you feeling irritable and struggling to concentrate the next day.  
If you have found yourself in a restless rut, why not try our Blissful Sleep Package? This package is destigned to help you comabt your sleeping problems and provide you with the the tools to have a better night's sleep.  
The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless. These benefits include improved concentration, keeping a healthy heart and positive emotional and mental wellbeing. 
This Blissful Sleep Package will help you with a series of downloadable exercises designed to make sure you get more restful nights.  
For only £13.99 this package includes:: 
Downloadable Journal exercise and information sheet. 
Evening Positive Affirmations Audio 
Guided sleep hypnosis video. 
Bonus content - A practical guide to making the perfect sleeping space 
Get the peaceful sleep you deserve! 
£24.99 £13.99
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In this simple yet effective package, you will have everything you need to tackle those sleeping issues. 
Here are just some of our incredible reviews: 
"I have been struggling with sleep for the past few years. I've always felt like I'm not getting enough and find myself more tired and groggy in the mornings. Silvia and this package have helped me immensely get my sleep back on track. If you're struggling to get a good sleep at night, you honestly have to try this package."  
Molly Thompson  
"The downloadable resources have really helped me wind down and get ready for a good night's sleep. The sleep hypnosis video is amazing and has truly helped me finally get the sleep I've needed! Thank you Silvia!"  
Katy Bailey  
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