Online Service - Hypnotherapy - Past Life Regression - Angelic Reiki Healing 

Online Service - Hypnotherapy - Past Life Regression Angelic Reiki Healing - Multidimensional Healing  

Rid yourself of past and present stress, anxiety and trauma and invite a feeling of purpose, calm and self love into your life.  

Welcome to Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, your online sanctuary for healing and transformation. I specialize in supporting changes and improvements to mental health and healthy lifestyle through the powerful modalities of Angelic Reiki, Past life Regression, and Hypnotherapy. 
Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, consumed by depression, or paralyzed by anxiety? Do you carry the weight of past traumas that continue to impact your present moment? If so, you are not alone. Let me support you using 20 plus years of professional experience to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.  


At Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, I offer a safe and nurturing space for all to explore their inner worlds and create positive change. Our online platform allows us to connect with clients worldwide, offering individual sessions at times that suit your schedule. 
Whether you are seeking relief from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, I am here to support you every step of the way. The unique blend of angelic reiki, past life regression, and hypnotherapy provides a holistic approach to healing, addressing mind, body, and spirit and I am so excited to bring you this fresh new approach. 
Take the first step towards a brighter future today. Contact us to schedule a session or a consultation today and begin your journey towards profound healing and transformation. Let Hummingbird Hypnotherapy be your guide to a life filled with peace, joy, and abundance
All sessions are delivered online worldwide via zoom link.( face to face sessions are available at an extra cost if you live locally to the north east of england at limited times. ) 
Find out more about Silvia and her journey to being a Hypnotherapist and healing her own mental illhealth in her newly published novel, "Get Up" .  




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