Enjoy a calmer mind, get rid of stress, anxiety and depression for good.  

My expert approach to improving mental health is just the beginning of a new life. 
Hypnotherapy is a multifunctional therapy enabling you to take control of your life and your needs in a huge number of ways. I have over 20 years experience supporting people to empower themselves to make amazing and significant changes to the way they feel and live their life. 
I am making some big changes also to the way I deliver my Hypnotherapy sevices with the new addition of Past Life Regression Therapy being just one of the huge changes but also check out HUMMINGBIRD LIFE CHANGE! 
Please follow our guide below to find the best service for you or give me a call or an email and lets get started!  

What is your biggest concern right now? 

My quick access guide will take you to the best treatment options. 

What Hypnotherapy can help you with  

My service is designed to help you make positive and lifelong changes to the way you feel and the way you live your life, I have been using Hypnotherapy to do this for 7 years now and I have found that while Hypnotherapy does work extremely quickly and effectively, life long changes that last and last need more time to really settle in, which is why I am changing the way I deliver services here at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy. 
The first option you have is Hummingbird Life Change...a 6 month programe of one to one support from me, really getting to grips with the issues you have been facing. Because I plan to dedicate a larger amount of time to each client I will only be taking on 7 clients for the porgramme every 6 months.  
The second option is our Pay What you Can option. This is open to anyone who does not have the financial means at this time to pay for their mental health support. If you need support to manage stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, fears or unhealthy habits or anything else negativly impacting your mental health then all you need to do is tell me that you would like to take advantage of our Pay what you can option at the time of booking.(not applicabale to Hummingbird Life Change)  
I will work with you on the changes you want to experience and I'm always happy to talk through any questions .  
I look forward to meeting you soon! 
My sessions are delivered online but face to face sessions are available at Seaham Hall Spa on request or in Gosforth at selected times.  
A small surcharge is applied to face to face sessions. 




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